Nalambalam Yathra

Nalanbalam Yathra is a unique and novel pilgrimage conducted during the month of Karkitakam, the last month of Malayalam Era. Salient feature of Karkitaka is that it is period of famine and illness. To overcome sufferings people resort to medical treatment and spiritual enrichment. A special way of living and worship of Rama is the general trend of he period. Chanting of Rama mantra and Ramayana recitation echoes in each and every house . This is an eve of positive thinking about prosperity.

Since the last decade Nalambalam Yathra has become in Vogue. It is a special kind of visiting 4 temples in Kerala – Sreerama Temple at Triprayar, Koodalmanickam Bharatha temple at Irinjalakuda,Lakshmana temple at Moozhikkulam in Ernkulam District and Payammel Sathrukhna temple near Irinjalakuda.

Triprayar is about 23 kms away from Guruvayoor Krishna temple and Moozhikulam is 30 kms away from Irinjalakuda temple via Mala, Annamanada to Aluva. Visiting four temples a day in the given order is the traditional way.

Triprayar Sreerama Temple

Triprayar is in the middle of Guruvayoor – Kodungallore route. Those who want to come via Trichur should reach Cherpu and proceed went wards to reach the east nada of the temple. Here is the famous Rama temple. This is the first temple to visit as part of Nalambalam Pilgrimage. Darshan is possible from 3am – 12.30pm and 5pm to 7.30pm. Meenuttu and Vedi are important Vazipalam.

Koodalmanikyam Temple

This is a unique Vaishnava Temple and the second temple to visit. From Triprayar proceed in the Kodungallore route and divert from Edamuttam or Moonnupeedika. Irinjalakuda is about 20kms away from Triprayar. Darshan is possible from 3am – 12 noon, and 5pm to 8pm. Important Vazhipatus are Thamaramala, Brinjal Nivedyam, Vedi, Gheelamp, Meeunttu.

Moozhikkulam Temple

Moozhikkulam Temple is the third temple to visit and is dedicated to Lakshmana. This is in Ernakulam District near to famous Annamanada Mahadeva temple proceed alongs Vellankallore in Irinjalakuda route to Kodungallore and reach Mala, Annamanada and then Moozhikkulam. Darshan is possible from 4 to 12.30 and 5 to 8.

Payammal Temple

This is the last temple to visit. Reach Vellangallore and proceed went wards 4 kms to reach Aripalam. Take right turn and reach the temple. Important Vazhipadu is Sudarshanan dedication. Darshan time is as given along temples.